Blog: A Union of Two Infrastructures

The latest NIHR ARC West Midlands News Blog is now available to read by clicking here.

In the spirit of the One NIHR approach, we have decided to make this blog a joint venture 
between NIHR ARC West Midlands and NIHR Midlands PRSC. You can read more on page 1.

We also look at:

  • A Union of Two Infrastructures (p1)
  • A Romp Through the BMJ (p2)
  • Conducting Evaluative Research in LMICS (p4)
  • Using Trial Recruitment Thresholds for Performance Management (p5)
  • The WHO is a Great Organisation, but It Needs to Stop Re-Writing the Dictionary (p6)
  • A Kind of Natural Experiment on Early Child (<5 years) ‘Education’ (p7)
  • Using AI to Speak Again After Paralysis (p8)
  • Health Outcomes Worse in Bisexual Individuals (p9)
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